Fire in the actress's husband's car, know what happened then

Actress Mary McCormack says husband's tesla car shot flames in traffic: A video on a social media is becoming quite viral. A car exploded suddenly in the US Los Angeles. More than thousand times were shared on social media on Friday. This video was shared by Hollywood actress Mary Maikormak. Actually, this car was from her own husband.

At the time when the car caught fire, her husband was sitting in the car. He posted while writing a video on Twitter: "You did this with my husband and his car. Thank you to a couple who informed my husband about the fire and asked to get out and thank God that my 3 children were not in the car at the time.

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Tesla's Spokesperson said - The fire in the car caused the battery. But, nothing has happened inside the car. Inside the car the battery is fit in such a place that there is nothing inside the car. We are glad to hear that our customers came out of the right way. We are now trying to find out how the fire got caught in the battery.

 According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were 1 lakh 74 thousand trains in the fire in 2015. 445 people died. 1550 people were injured and $ 1.2 billion was lost.