Sikandar Salman Khan Worst Bollywood Actor Then Something Like It

Google tells Sikandar Salman Khan of 'Race 3' Worst Bollywood Actor, Then Something Like It ...

It has always been Google's specialty that, on the contrary, it shows the names of Indians when asked anything. Similar to some superstar Salman Khan too. Salman Khan's 'Race 3' was released on Eid, and the film is also doing good business. Though the review is not good on the film. But even more fun Google did. Until recently, Salman Khan's name and picture were coming to the Worst Bollywood Actor on Google. However, when this news started to trend, Google removed it.

Salman Khan's photos and details are not coming now when writing Bollywood's worst actor. That is, Google has corrected its mistake. Anyway, the reviews are not good for 'Race 3', but the film is getting good success at the box office. In three days, the film is worth Rs 100 crore. Has crossed, and the film is also performing well around the world.

Although Google has also made similar mistakes before. Google has made several mistakes about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whom he later corrected. Google has corrected this mistake made with Salman Khan. Although this news is becoming very viral on social media and other platforms, and the atmosphere surrounding brother-in-law is hot.