Harley-Davidson will repeat the history of the company on the 115th anniversary, launch this cycling

Long time ago the Harley-Davidson motorcycle brand had become famous all over the world, which still does business in many countries. But a few centuries ago, Harley-Davidson used to make cycles, and this thing has been completed almost 100 years. Now Harley-Davidson is going to create a replica of these cycles in celebration of celebrating its 115th anniversary. Harley-Davidson Museum, with its motorbike's Anniversary Edition, has asked a Chicago-based company named Heritage Bicycle to create a 10-raplica cycle for Harley-Davidson, which was created between 1917 and 1922.

Harley-Davidson has asked the company to make the bicycle model H-D7-17 standard that these cycles should be made as old as possible. The only change made in this bicycle is the frame, which is made slightly larger than the vintage model, so that adults can run it easily. Apart from this, the whole bicycle is the same as Vintage was. The tin brown palm grip and leather seat cover with vintage style is also given to the bike with olive green and hand painted strip paint scheme.

The work done by the company in the next sprocket of this cycle can also be seen. Looking at this bicycle, is it really a 1917 bicycle! As we said earlier, only 10 pieces of this cycle will be made and each one will cost $ 4,200, which is about 2.86 lakh in Indian currency. It's a great price for a bicycle but there are so many crazy people of Harley-Davison who will buy it. All these cycles will be booked and sold by the Harley-Davidson Museum, which is in the US.
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