India increased import duty on select US products

India has increased customs duty on many products coming from the US under the counter action. These products include Bengali gram, masoor dal and artemia. The finance ministry said in a notification that these charges would be effective from August 4.

Due to peas and Bengali gram, the fee has been raised to 60 percent and the lentils have been reduced to 30 percent. Apart from these, 7.5 percent on boric acid and 10 percent for domestic Regent has been levied.

The fee has been increased to 15 percent on Artemia. Apart from these, the duty on select varieties of nuts, iron and steel products, apple, pear, stainless steel flattened products, alloy steel, tube-pipe fittings, screws, bolts and rivets has been increased.

However, the duty on motorcycles imported from the US has not been increased. The US had increased the number of selected steel and aluminum products. It had a burden of $ 241 million on India. India has imposed these charges in response to this.