Information about the passport cancellation in the Interpol database Nirav Modi


Information about the passport cancellation in the Interpol database, yet Nirav Modi travels to many countries

 Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) said that despite appearing in the Interpol Central database on February 24, the information of the absconding diamond trader Nirav Modi's passport was canceled by the Indian government, Neerav managed to travel to many countries. The agency said that on 15th February, it was informed in the notice issued by Interpol that Nirav's passport was canceled.

 CBI spokesperson Abhishek Dayal said, "After the passport was canceled by the Ministry of External Affairs, we updated this information in the 'Defutation' notice. Information about the cancellation of the passport of Neerwa Modi on 24th February was made available in the Interpol Central database which is available to member countries. "In the letter sent to Interpol, the CBI gave information about five passports issued by the government to Nirav Modi. These passports are linked to each other but due to the renewal or booklet, their number has changed.

Sources said that according to information shared by the UK after the information was found in the Interpol Central database, Neerv Modi will be in London from Heathrow Airport on March 15, Heathrow from New York's JFK Airport on March 28 and Charles Di from Heathrow on March 31. Gaulle went to Paris He said that information was provided in response to the notice issued by the Central through Interpol.

 Sources said that after updating the database, sharing information about suspicious activity is above the member country and the agency can only ask to share information with them. Sources said that the agency has no reliable information about Nirav Modi. He said that this notice was issued by the Interpol on the request of the CBI and the agency contacted the six countries where there was a possibility of Nirav escaping.

 The agency urged the countries to share information about the presence of neerav and about its activities. Agency sources said the agency sent these reminders to the Interpol Coordination Agency in Britain on April 25, 22, May 24 and May 28. He also said similar reminders were sent to the agencies of America, Singapore, Belgium, UAE and France. The matter relates to the fraud of Rs 13 thousand crore through the Guarantee Letter and foreign credit cards with the official Punjab National Bank by Nirav Modi and his uncle Mahul Choksi.

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