The biggest impact of trade war on American food items in India

The biggest impact of trade war between India and America will be on popular American food items in India. The most affected Americans will be almonds and apples.

If you go to buy California almonds or Apple Washington in the market from August 4, you probably have to pay 20 to 25 percent more. US food and beverage products sold in India are going to be the biggest victims of recent trade war. The biggest impact will be on the American Almonds market, which currently receives 500 grams of packet for 490 rupees.

Almond's business, which is imported from America to India, is quite big ... last year about 4,000 million almonds were imported from the US ... now imports of import duty will have the biggest impact on Almond imports.

Second most impact will be on American apple trade in the Indian market. One kilo pack of Apple Washington packs around Rs 311 in Indian market. Apple Washington is a popular American apple. It sells well in India.

The government has increased the importport duty on American apples from imported from the US to 75% from 50% ... If this decision is implemented from 4th August, then its impact will be on brands such as Apple Washington.

Like this, the import duty on American Walnuts and Chapypies has been increased and due to this
These popular items can also be expensive. At present, 400 grams of chickpea is sold for 125 rupees, while California Walnut's 90 grams pack has a price of 275 rupees.

US businesses will lose the biggest decision of India Also, importing them in India is also expensive. That is, these things can be expensive. At present, the Government of India has decided to implement this decision from August 4. That is, the government has kept the scope for negotiation.