These postpaid plans of Vodafone were up and running, up to 75 GB of data every month

Since the entry of Reliance Jio in the telecom sector, the competition has not stopped. Companies are launching new plans to attract user coke with affordable data and additional offers. Also, the old plan is being made more beneficial. In this episode, Vodafone has now made changes in the existing Red Postpaid Plan pack of Rs 399 and Rs 499.

The Vodafone RED Basic 399 plan now gives the user 40 GB of data. The first 20 GB data was given. The rollovers up to 200 GB in the plan will be possible. Users will also be able to enjoy 1 year Vodafone Play and Amazon Prime Subscription. The user will also get the benefit of unlimited local and national calls (including roaming). Similarly, 75 GB data can now be availed in Vodafone 499 RED-Traveler R Plan. At first it was given 40 GB data. Users will also get 1 year Vodafone Play and Amazon Prime subscription benefits here. With equal advantage, the user will be given a free device protection plan worth 300 rupees.

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On the match, Reliance Jio has a postpaid plan of 199, which gives the user 25 GB for the whole month. In this, the benefits of unlimited calls, SMS, Myageo app are given. At the same time, after the 25 GB quota is completed, users pay at a rate of 20 rupees per GB of data for high speed surfing and downloading.

On the other hand, Airtel has a postpaid plan of Rs 399 and Rs 499 in the same range. For Rs 399 user gets 20 GB data. The Rs 499 plan comes with the benefit of 40 GB data. Obviously these plans of Vodafone are more beneficial than live and Airtel.
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