What is Sperm or Semen Allergy? Know everything about it

Semen allergy or Human Seminal Plasma Hypresensivity is a condition in which men have allergic reactions from the seam. Women who have sex with such men may also be allergic. This is very rare condition, which has very few people. Doctor Anup Gupta also says that seamen allergy is a very rare condition, which is not sperm due to allergic proteins present in it. Both men and women can be victims of this allergy. Especially, men are complaining of post-orgazal syndrome due to this allergy.

Symptoms of seam allergy

Allergic reactions can be seen in penis after ejaculation in men in this allergy. This reaction is known during sex or after that. At the same time, women may have itching, pain, swelling, dryness and radiation around the vegan or around it. If you also see such symptoms after sex every time, then you may be allergic.

How to Avoid Seamless Allergy?

Dr. Anup Gupta says that there is no cure for seamen allergy, but it can definitely go away. To avoid this use condoms during sex. Women can take anti-allergic medicines before sex (from doctor's advice). These reactions can affect each other's fertility between partners and both of them may have less reproduction power. To avoid this, a processor is followed, in which the protein that is allergic to the sperm in the lab is removed.

Who can be allergic to Siam?

Dr. Dhir says that it can be allergic to anyone. Many people are confused with seamen allergy. Because some of the symptoms of STDs and allergies are similar. That is why using condoms during sex can be avoided. This can be further increased in the allergic baby planning couples. Coupled with the desire to become a parent, adoption can be adopted for dissociation (a method of reducing allergy that is called Desensitization in English) to avoid allergic reactions. This is a temporary way, in which the partners have to have sex regularly for two to three days and then both are taken for the sample samples. This gradually decreases the allergy to the seam. During this time both of them may have some allergic reaction.