Yamaha's brand new AIROX the new 155cc scooter

Yamaha's brand new AIROX, the new 155cc scooter, which was once again seen at the time of testing

Yamaha India had introduced its brand new scooter in auto expo in 2018, which was seen in many people's eyes. Now the company has appeared for the second time in testing and the company is going to launch this 155cc scooter soon in India. January 2018 was last seen on this scooter dealership. We believe that following the launch of this vehicle in India, it is intended to make Yamaha's name in the Indian scooter segment and to take customer feedback. Yamaha has already made it clear that in India, the company is focusing on selling more vehicles, not on big and strong bikes. For a long time, you might have noticed that Yamaha has not launched expensive bikes in India for a long time.

Scooter introduced in the auto expo 2018, which appeared in the eyes of a lot of people

Speaking of Yamaha Airox 155, the company has given premium scooters to this scooter and has 5.8-inch digital instrument display, twin LED lamps, mobile charger, keyless ignition and a single channel antique braking system with scooters. Along with this, the company has installed the engine in this scooter, which is Yamaha's R15 VVT engine, it means that it will be the best in scooter performance. The Yamaha Erics engine engine generates 14.8 bhp power and 13.8 nm peak torque. Aprilia SR 150 and Vespa 150 Range are present in this segment in India.

There is a problem with Yamaha's Arox that is worth it and tell the truth, 150cc segment of scooters in India do not sell very much in India. Yamaha may launch a new 155cc scooter in India, but it is difficult to get more speculation about its sales in India. Looking at features and engines, it is estimated that the company scooter will cost around Rs. 1 lakh. In India, where the market is very hot in the scooter segment, in such a situation it is not understandable to launch a 155cc scooter at this price.