Anushka Shetty's mother told this for marriage

Anushka Shetty's mother told this for marriage
Anushka Shetty's marriage

Anushka Shetty's : - The news of Bahubali fame actress Anushka Shetty's marriage has once again started. It is not decided whether Anushka will marry, but her mother, a superstar, is said to be perfect for her.

These stars are none other than Bahubali i.e. Prabhas. Anushka's mother says that Prabhas is perfect for her daughter. He said, "Both are the stars and the two have worked together. I am for Anushka I would prefer to choose Prabhas as a perfect, but both of them are only good friends. Stop spreading rumors about their marriage. "

Well, one such time was when Prabhas South's hit heroine hit the Anushka Shetty. Even he did not allow Anushka to marry for three years. A few months ago Prabhas had said in an interview, we both know each other for 9 years and are good friends. Sometimes I am amazed by the news of affair between us. These reports are so strong that even once I started feeling that there is something really between us'.

He said, "We both know that there is nothing like love between us." This is normal, whenever two actors work together in more than one film, then such rumors are blowing '. Although people are not ready to accept that there is nothing between them. The reason for this is that chemistry, which can be clearly seen among them.
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