careful Your phone is spying anywhere

careful Your phone is not spying anywhere
careful Your phone is spying anywhere

Do you know that some popular apps present in your Android phone do you spy on? Yes, these apps listen to your points, keep an eye on your behavior and even take screenshots of your activity and send it to the third party. This information has come up in a new study. Studies have said that these screenshots and videos of your activities on mobile screens include your username, password, credit card number and other important information.

David Chopfunus, Professor of North Eastern University at Boston, said, "We found that all apps have the ability to record your screen or whatever you type." These studies will be presented in the privacy of Barcelona inhaling technology symposium. Under the study, the group analyzed more than 17,000 most important apps using an automated testing program written by students in the Android operating system.

9,000 of the 17,000 apps had the ability to take screenshots
Out of these 17,000 apps, 9,000 apps had the ability to take screenshots. University professor Christo Wilson said, "The study did not detect any kind of audio leak. One app did not activate the microphone." He said, "After that we saw such things, which we had no hope.

The app itself was taking screenshots and sending it to third parties. "Wilson said," It will definitely be used for any malicious purposes. Installing and gathering information is quite easy. And what is most dangerous is that no notifications are sent to it and no permission is obtained from the users. "

The researchers said, "Although this study was done on Android phones, there is no reason to believe that other operating systems will be less dangerous." Another study published in 'Headcort: Journal of Head and Face Pain' has shown that the developed app also transmits information to the third party to detect migraine pain. This is also a violation of privacy, because some legal protection has been provided regarding sending data from Medical App to third party.
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