Hanuman vs Mahiravana Review

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Hanuman vs Mahiravana Review

Hanuman vs Mahiravana Movie Review : -  has introduced 'Mahiravana' as a new villain in 3D film. This story belongs to the last part of the Ramayana, when Lord Rama gave another time of time to give Ravan the last chance in the war. On the night before the war, Ravana sends a message to his brother, Meeravan, to kill Lord Rama and Lakshman. Powerful Muliravana can change the identity of anyone and by this deceit he takes Ram and Lakshman to the halt. After which Hanuman goes before sunrise to rescue Lord Ram-Lakshman, where there are many difficulties. The rest will know after watching the whole movie.

What is the merits-
The story of 'Hanuman vaishes mahiravana' is completely new. It is completely different from the real stories of Ramayana. It took more than 2 years for the production of this animated film made by the Green Gold Animation Production Banner. A lot of work has been done on graphics and animations. In 90-minute animated film, all characters including Mihiravan and Hanuman have been made from baricades. The twist in the middle of the story makes quite a lot of interest. In the film, Sugriva, Vibhishan has also been shown in an important role.

What are the flaws-
Despite having many twists in the film, the story seems very weak. From the beginning to the end, the film could fail to bind the audience. There are also two or three songs in the middle of the film, which make it quite boring. The reason is clear that in cartoons and animated films, children are better than mythology, today's new superheroes are demanding. If Indian animated film is compared to Hollywood movies, then this film seems very weak.

Producer and Founder Rajiv Chilaka of Green Gold Animation Pvt Ltd, who has gained popularity with many animated characters like 'Chhota Bhim', will now try to bring a new villain in his next films. The director of this animated film is Ehzhil Wendon.


See why film-
Cartoon and animated films, this movie can be seen to pass the time. Who is Mahiravana, and by what kind of powers does Lord Ram and Lakshman take the lead? The movie can be seen to know about it. The story of the film is also new.

Star - 2.5
Director - Ezhil Wendon
Producer - Rajeev Chilaka
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