Lunar Eclipse 2018: The longest lunar eclipse of the century will be seen in India almost all night, like this Deedar

Lunar Eclipse 2018: The Lunar Eclipse of the century will be visible from all parts of the country on July 27. During this the moon will be slightly red. This astronomical event is called 'Blood Moon'.

The longest lunar eclipse of 21st century will take place on July 27

 According to Devi Prasad Dury, director of MP Birla Institute of Fundamental Research, MP Birla Planetarium, 'viewers in India are lucky because, both partial and complete eclipse will be fully visible from all parts of the country.'
He told that eclipse will also be visible in parts of South America, Africa, West Asia and Central Asia.

This time full moon eclipse will be one hour and 43 minutes, whereas partial eclipse will last for more than an hour. Duryi said that partial lunar eclipse will begin on July 27 at the time of Indian time on July 27 and the full moon eclipse will commence at one o'clock on July 28.

The scientist said that the moon will be in the dark on July 28, from 1 to 52 minutes, 2 to 43 minutes.

He said, 'After this period, partial lunar will be held on July 28 in the morning for 3 to 49 minutes. This will be a great opportunity for people interested in astronomical events in India because the eclipse will be seen almost the whole night.
During the full moon eclipse on July 27, the moon will pass through the middle part of the earth's shadow.

During the full moon eclipse, when the moon passes through the shadow of the earth, it becomes reddish in bright orange color and becomes darker darker than dark brown under a rare event. This is why full moon eclipse occurs and at that time it is called Blood Moon.

When asked if the lunar eclipse would be safe to watch without any device, Duryari said, "There is no special tool to see the lunar eclipse as to be used to see solar eclipse. . Nobody needs a telescope to see eclipse. Although there will be a better experience with good quality telescopes. Language Gola Manisha