RBI will release a new note of 100 rupees

RBI will release a new note of 100 rupees
RBI will release a new note of 100 rupees

The country's central bank RBI will soon issue a new note of 100 rupee note. This note will be signed by RBI governor Urjit Patel. Behind the note is the picture of 'Queen's Wave'. Through this photo, India's cultural heritage is being shared. The color of this note is lavender. Other designs on the note, geometric patterns remain. Note size is 66 mm times 142 mm.
Let us know that RBI has made it clear that the validity of the old note remains intact with the release of new notes. With the release of new bank notes, these will be brought down in slow progression.

According to RBI, special notes of new notes of Rs 100 are as follows:

Wherever 100 points have been written, it can be seen across (in check), meaning that the denomination number is cross-matching with 100.
100 points have also been hidden.
Devanagari also has 100 points written.
Mahatma Gandhi's picture is in the middle.
Small words like RBI, India, India and 100 have been written.
To make the note sloping, the green color of its thread becomes blue. India and RBI have written this thread.
The Guarantee statement of RBI is written on the right hand side of Mahatma Gandhi's picture.
The right side of the note is the Ashoka pillar.
As recently as the number issued, the numbers have been raised to small. This is also done in this note too.

Special arrangements have been made for people with special talent. In the interior or embossed printing for visually impaired people, the image of Mahatma Gandhi, the Ashok Pillar symbol, the emerging triangular identification with the Micro-Text 100, has four angular bleed lines.

RBI will release a new note of 100 rupees
RBI will release a new note of 100 rupees

Behind the note

Note the year of printing the note.

Clean India's logo has been given with slogan.

The language panel is kept in place.

The Queen is a picture of the scent.

In Devanagari script, 100 marks have been written.
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