Train to make AC travel expensive railways going to big change

Train to make AC travel expensive railways going to big change
Train to make AC travel expensive railways going to big change

Traveling in the train of AC coach can now be expensive. Railways have already been prepared to increase the charge of the bedrock kits given in AC trains and coaches. Bidrol prices can be added soon at the cost of air conditioned train Garib Rath Express. The Railways is also considering increasing the rented Bedrock 25 rupees a decade ago, which could lead to substantial increase in rent. A senior railway official informed this information. This decision has been taken after questioning on the charge of controlling and audit inspector for not having made any change since the last 12 years. The CAG has recommended that this charge should also be added to the train rental.

Second trains will also start
He said that due to the rapid increase in the cost of maintenance of the clothes, this review may also be applicable in other trains. Like the poor chariot trains, there has been no increase in the prices of Bedrol in other trains in a decade. This is being considered after getting a note from the office of the Deputy Comptroller & Auditor General (CAG). In this note, it was asked why the rent was not revised in the poor chariot and it was recommended that the cost of the bedrock be included in the train fares.

Join 25% in ticket
At present, the railway supplies Bedirrol kits in all AC coaches and their 25 rupees are added in the ticket. However, it is not so in trains like Garib Rath Express and Dosto Express, where booking ticketing kit can be done without any extra charge. According to the PTI report, the deputy cAG recently said that the charge of the Bidrol should be increased. CAG said that there has not been any review of their charges in the last 12 years, since then the cost of washing and maintenance has increased considerably since then.

Tickets can be added in 6 months
A senior railway official told PTI, "We have received a note in this regard and we are reviewing it. Forever prices can not be the same. In trains like poor chariot, the charge of the bed roll will also be reviewed and in the next 6 months it can also be added to the ticket. In this note, it has been said to review the charge of Bedrock kits. In this kit, two sheets, a towel, a pillow and a blanket with cover are given. The official said, "In a letter sent from the CAG, the railways have been asked to inform that since the beginning of the poor Rath trains in 2006, their charges have never been reviewed or otherwise

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