filling in chartered planes was being sent to foreign countries

Not being suitcases or banks, filling in chartered planes was being sent to foreign countries? Who is involved in this game

If you think that black money will be taken out of the country through banks or suitcases, then you may be surprised after reading this news. After reading the story that has come out you will think that it was only in old Hindi films. Agencies like ED (ED) and CBI have the suspicion that if the VIP chartered planes are not being sent to foreign countries then? This case seems to have opened with the arrest of journalist businessman Upendra Rai. Agencies suspect that special holes have not been made to hide the notes in these chartered planes. It is being told that foreign agencies have told Indian agencies that hawala money is also going from chartered planes. ED from NDTV said that he is collecting evidence.

These things are happening with doubt
Why did the company's chartered flight of Rai continuously go to Dubai-Russia?
Why do not these aircraft land in the main airports of Dubai, small airports?
Why were there so much VIP flights from small airports?

The investigating agencies have got an airload pass from Upendra Rai, which has been issued by the Bureau of Civil Aviation. It has been found in the investigation that this pass has been acquired by Upendra Rai in a fake manner. Through this pass, Upendra Rai was allowed to go uninterrupted at any airport in the country. However, the investigating agencies have not yet told what the purpose of Upendra Rai was behind the acquisition of this pass. In the same week, the Enforcement Directorate has disclosed that the assets of Upendra Rai of 26 crore have been seized. Including the flat in areas like Delhi's Greater Kailash and Connaught Place.

According to information received by NDTV, investigating agencies suspect that these chartered planes, together with an engineer, were made inside the hole and money was taken in the same amount. In this way the owners of the plane or the client could not even come to know and much of the VIP Plane was not even investigated. Investigators have also told that a company named Airway, which is related to Upendra Rai, kept his plane in Dubai for a long time. Not only this, these planes were set up at a small airport around Dubai to avoid the investigation. In addition, these ships used to go to Russia too. An officer associated with the ED said that he was also working for several officers.

When the officer was asked about the investigation in this case, he told that more evidence is being gathered. At the same time, when the NDTV asked the CBI in this case, the agency said that information about the transactions of Upendra Rai was being explored. However, the CBI has said that there is no information about this new disclosure. At present the investigating agencies are engaged in investigations of all the actions taken after the ban on the ban. Information about this has been sought from officials of Delhi International Airport.
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