West Bengal: threatens murder on refusing to play 'Momo Challenge'

Momo Challenge
Momo Challenge

Momo Challenge News : - A small businessman from West Bengal's Birbhum district alleged that he was threatened with serious consequences when he refused to play a "deadly challenge". police gave this information. Online game, which has a bad picture of a distorted face and a girl with a twinkle eyes, has reached many countries and it is similar to the last year's deadly "Blue Whale Challenge". It is alleged that the state has so far taken two lives so far. In the complaint lodged yesterday, Abdul Quddus has said that he received an invitation to participate in online games with an unknown number through WhatsApp. It also had details of their bank account.

They did not accept the invitation. Kudas, who ran the mobile repair shop in the center of Suri, said that he was scared that hackers had acquired their financial information. CID said that he is investigating these cases related to the game's suicides. In most cases people were invited to play games "fake".

CID Deputy Inspector General (Campaign) Nishat Parvez said that there is no need to be scared of 'Momo Challenge' in West Bengal.