43 year old David Beckham was the fifth time

43-year-old David Beckham was the fifth time
43-year-old David Beckham was the fifth time
I must mention Beckham, everyone should be very familiar! Beckham can be said to be in the eyes of advertisers or fans, he will always be the most football in the star, or the most valuable to play, a man can say that Beckham has money, It looks so good and has such a high value. Beckham can be said to be a perfect man, and he is full of fans all over the world.

Some people say that Beckham's popularity in the UK is like Michael Jordan. The popularity in the United States is the same. It can be seen that the popularity of two people in the world should be comparable! It can be said that her popularity is not able to walk on the street like a normal ordinary person. No matter where he is, he is a person with his own halo. Since he and Victoria have married, they have moved to a new one. life.

Now retired Beckham has become the club owner, a fashionista, and even in the entertainment industry, and his wife Victoria has become a good designer, two people in the career hard work can be said to never Stop, and they are the same in the matter of the baby. Just a short time ago, "UK ok magazine." As well as a series of news reports such as "Aspen Asia", Victoria is now pregnant for four months, and the expected date of birth is in March next year, when Beckham will usher in the fifth child of his life.

Speaking of the feelings of David Beckham and Victoria, they have to start from 1997. In 1997, they met and fell in love with each other. In 1999, two people entered the marriage hall. Now two people already have three My son is a daughter, and the fifth time will be born in March next year, and the two people are very happy again, so they can't help but share this joy.

Every time I have a baby, Beckham and Victoria, both of them are very happy. They don't worry that their brothers and sisters don't love her after they are born, because this is a child growing up in a loving family, so They will also become more loved. In some of the previous photos, we can see that Xiaoqi can be said to have been rushed to the sky by three brothers. Presumably, after the birth of this little sister, three older brothers and one sister will also be very Pamper her!

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