Alpha: The wolf is returning home: revealing the "first dog in history"

Alpha: The wolf is returning home: revealing the "first dog in history"
Alpha: The wolf is returning home: revealing the "first dog in history" secret contrast and spurring the audience to show madness

The prehistoric adventure giant IMAX 3D film "Alpha" is in the national heat, since the release, the word of mouth has soared, known as "the most beautiful movie this fall." The audience praised the film: "It is full of unique and touching power." Good movies don't lie in the simplicity of the story, and simple stories can convey a different kind of shocking power. The film "Alpha: Wolf with the Way" is purest. The story, the most sincere emotion, tells a "prehistoric inspirational story that is so beautiful." Today, the film exposes the "Alpha" double-meaning feature film, recreating the shocking moment of the first encounter with the Wolf Alpha, "Life is reserved for the strong" to reveal the meaning behind the "Alpha" for the audience, and it is thought-provoking.

Alpha meaning big secrets lead to deep thoughts and wolves competing against self-powerful survival

In the feature film exposed today, Kodak and his father met the wolves, and the head wolf was named "Alpha." "Alpha" is the meaning of the leader, and it is also the name of the wolf king who has opened up the territory and guarded the ethnic group. When he first encountered Alpha, it was leading the wolves in their own territory. "Do you see the wolf? It is Alpha, the Wolf King." The father told Kodak that it was not born Alpha. Its status was fought with courage and determination. "In the wolves, if it makes a difference The wolves perceive a trace of weakness, they will challenge its position as a wolf king." It must also take care of its wolves at all times, that is its primary duty, although it is always at risk.

The father told Kodak Alpha that he wants to grow up to be a warrior capable of guarding the entire tribe. He also wants him to understand that "To stay strong and calm, you can defend your position." Kodak's "survival from Alpha" In the Tao, the value of self-existence was found. From the unarmed force of a hand, the boy who could not bear to kill any prey, eventually grew into a brave, firm, calm and powerful man. With the wolf, you can know the powerful power; with the introspection of the wolf, you can use the driving force of the powerful, break through the self and become the "head wolf" of the entire ethnic group.

Alpha contrasts and captures the hearts of the audience. The audience shouted "to lie to me to raise a dog"

Since the film was released, the image of Alpha's handsome and coexisting has been well received by the audience. Many viewers have watched the movie and said: "This is the birth of the first dog in history!" Many dogs or dogs. The audience was Alpha to "cry and cry". "The biggest feeling after reading Alpha is that I have cheated me to raise a dog. Alpha is really cute!"

In the movie, Alpha is transformed from a heroic and handsome lone wolf into the most loyal partner of Kodak, sometimes swaying to Kodak to sell Meng, and sometimes acting as a god assist for Koda to kill prey, and sometimes providing warmth for Kodak. The wolf hugs, no wonder the audience gave Alpha the title of "this season's most popular cute thing." Alpha has captured the love of the big ticket audience with its unique contrasting charm. It can be handsome and cute, it is a good partner for your home travel, and a good friend who can't leave you. You haven't come to the cinema to see it. What are you waiting for, come and get in touch with it!

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