Another case on Elon Musk, if not guilty, will not stay Tesla CEO

Tesla's chief executive officer Elon Musk's controversy is not taking the name of a stoppage. British Cave expert Vernon Unsworth, who helped save 12 children from Thailand's cave and his football coach, had sued defiance of Space X's owner Elon Musk. Now the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has accused Tesla's chief executive Elon Musk of fraud on securities fraud on Thursday.

The commission has alleged that Musk has confused investors by tweeting the company last month to privatize the company. Let us tell you that Musk had said that he should raise funds required for private ownership of the company. The commission alleged that Musk had said that he had funded 420 dollars per share to privatize the electric car maker Tesla.

Tesla's shares rose sharply in this tweet by Elon Musk, the commission said that the statement given on Twitter is misleading and misleading, and Musk never had any information about the company's officials and potential investors about their plans. Did not talk Musk later said that he finally decided not to follow his decision.

According to the New York Times, this case was registered on Thursday in the federal court. Under this, the demand for the removal of Musk from the post of CEO of public companies like Tesla has been sought.

Musk has dismissed the allegations made by the commission. Musk said in a statement that "this unfair decision of the SEC has caused me great sadness and disappointment." I have always taken the initiative in the interest of truth, transparency and investor. "

Tesla has also expressed full support on Musk. Tell us if charges are proved right then there is a danger for the future of Musk. The commission is demanding the penalty and return the wrongly earned profits. It may also ban the services of the officer or board member mask in the listed company in its SEC exchange.

In the commission, Enforcement Co-Director Stephanie Avakian has told that Elon Musk knows this very well that there is no basis for the facts in his statements. Let me tell you that this new charge is another major blow to Musk and his company. Tesla is facing difficulties in completing production targets.

According to the media report, on Tuesday's tweet on Tuesday, Tesla's shares rose nearly 11 percent, so that Nasdaq had to stop trading for about one and a half hours. At the same time, Tesla's share has dropped 25 percent since the tweet that has now been privatized by the company of Musk.

The Department of Justice is also investigating criminal charges in this case.

Let me tell you that this new charge is a new example of the image of Musk constantly damaged these days. Musk had been drinking charms in a TV show in the past. They are also facing defamation litigation.

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