Apple makes its iPhone more expensive

Apple makes its iPhone more expensive
Apple makes its iPhone more expensive
After a summer of leaks Apple has completely remodeled its mobile line, bringing the most radical innovations of the iPhone X to the mid-range. But despite the rumors of falling prices, now the lower model starts at Rs 44,378 and the higher at Rs 1,05,618, while in 2017 the same range went from 35,150 to Rs 97,229. In 2018 a new premium step appears and the low-cost disappears. This is the new iPhone catalog, with all the news and differences compared to previous models: what does this price increase?

iPhone XR
Availability in Spain: October 26 (reservations from October 19). 6 colors: blue, white, black, yellow, coral and red.

At the end of the keynote of Tim Cook and his team, the first ratings spoke of the XR as the new affordable iPhone. It is not, it is the star model of 2018 and its price in Spain starts at Rs 72,062.compared to the Rs 67,867 that the iPhone 8 cost when it was released a year ago. That price is accompanied by a good handful of news. The main one is the screen, which fills almost the entire front of the iPhone XR and reaches 6.1 inches; increases 30% on the 4.7 inches of the iPhone 8, while the size of the new mobile grows only 1.25 centimeters high and 0.85 wide.

The XR inherits one of the great assets of the X: the system of identification by facial recognition (FaceID), which banishes the start button with fingerprint recognition (TouchID). And another of the important improvements with respect to the iPhone 8 is the camera. Although it still has a single 12 megapixel camera and f / 1.8 aperture, the new model gains Portrait mode and intelligent HDR, which improves the level of detail in the dark and light parts of a photo.

The photographs are thus more realistic thanks to the new sensor of the camera and, in addition, to the new processor A12; the great power increase of this with respect to the A11 of the iPhone 8 allows you to constantly analyze the image that comes from the camera (detecting faces, movements, etc.) to prepare and decide what are the best adjustments at the moment in the that the user presses the trigger. In yesterday's presentation Apple insisted on the benefits that the 7-nanometer Bionic A12 chip provides in general for artificial intelligence tasks and how a new generation of augmented reality apps could take off: now the ball is on the roof of the software developers.

Apple says that the XR battery lasts 25% more than the iPhone 8, for Internet browsing tasks. It will be necessary to see how it behaves in its daily use, but this theoretical increase would respond to the improvement most demanded by users, according to a survey recently published by USA Today. In addition, the new model finally meets an old request: the double SIM, which allows the use of two telephone lines on the same mobile. Apple has done it in its own way: a physical card and a virtual one (which will only work at the end of the year after a software update, and not with all operators).

Finally, the XR loses functionality with respect to 8: the 3D Touch system, which recognizes strong pulsations on the screen and responds by giving quick access to the most used actions in that context. An innovation in the experience of use launched by Apple in 2015, which does not quite sink and that disappears from the star model of this year.

iPhone XS and XS Max
Availability in Spain: September 21 (reservations from September 14). 3 colors: silver, dark gray and gold.

While waiting for the XR model to reach the stores by the end of October, Apple will start selling the new high-end models. The XS and XS Max take over from the iPhone X (discontinued), maintain their design and price and incorporate some improvements. The users asked mostly 3 things: more battery, more storage and mobile more resistant to liquids and falls.

Apple makes its iPhone more expensive
Apple makes its iPhone more expensive
While the 2017 iPhone were sold in two variants (64 and 256 gigas), the XR, XS and XS Max added a third version with more storage capacity (512 gigas). The three new models also share the A12 processor and a screen with a less brittle glass. They are also common to all three improvements in facial recognition and the capture of photos and videos, as well as their subsequent retouching.

From there, begin the differences that accompany the price jump of Rs 25,167 between the XR and the XS, which starts at Rs 97,229. The OLED screen (with more resolution and contrast than the LCD screen of the XR) and the double camera are the main asset of the XS and XS Max, which are also more resistant to dust and liquids (rating IP68, compared to the IP67 of XR) .

With respect to the iPhone X, on the outside only distinguishes them a new option of color (gold), in the line of the exclusive of this series. The XS has the same screen of 5.8 inches than its predecessor, while the XS Max reaches 6.5 inches and costs Rs 8,389 more, starting at Rs 1,05,618 for the version of 64 gigs and reaching Rs 1,39,174 of the 512 gigas

Apple has managed to put the huge screen of the XS Max on a slightly smaller mobile than the older 5.5-inch Plus models, which retain the title of giants of the range. The XS Max is a bit thicker and heavier (208 grams), probably to accommodate the largest battery that Apple has ever used in a mobile. However, according to the company's own data, the leader in battery life will be the XR.

The rest of the range

Along with the main novelty this year, the iPhone XR, complete the mid-range model last year, the iPhone 8. In both cases, they are Rs 4,194 more than what the mid-range models cost a year ago

The iPhone 7 goes down again, up to Rs 44,378, and the one that was star model two years ago is now only in the low range. The SE model disappears , so now the cheapest iPhone is 110 euros more expensive. With it, small mobile phones (up to 4 inches) and the latest iPhone design approved by Steve Jobs disappear from the Apple catalog.

The current trend of Apple - and the rest of the mobile industry - is towards phones with the largest, most realistic and immersive screen that fits in our hand, in search of an experience that is also increasingly absorbing for our pockets. In 2010 the flagship model, the iPhone 4, cost Rs 50,250; and that price has been rising little by little to Rs 72,062 of the iPhone XR in 2018. This comes with many more improvements than those brought by its predecessor, the iPhone 8, but: what contributes to the digital well-being over which the digital giants They say they are worried? The main lack of the new range of Apple is a simple and cheap mobile, more efficient for basic communication and with a battery that lasts forever the whole day. A phone that fits in any hand and in any pocket.