Bigg Boss 12: Homeless Piece from Home, Speaking - Cheating by Karan

Bigg Boss 12: Homeless Piece from Home, Speaking - Cheating by Karan
Bigg Boss 12
After being homeless from the house of Big Boss 12, Karthi told Karan Singh Vohra, the deceitful, real story of the house.

A couple had to be dropped out of the Big Boss 12 house this week, that couple was Kriti-Rosami. After leaving the house, Masterpiece described the inside of the house in an interview.

The master believed that because of not having good bonding with Roshamy, the combination of both did not fit in the show. He said, "Contestants who came in pairs in the house of Big Boss knew each other, but Rosham and I met each other at the show, and at the same time, if I talk about the caption, then yes, We should have been there, but we look soft there "

The masterpiece said, "The villagers made Saba-Soma in the winters of the weekend but when the turn of nomination came, we were nominated. This game was time consuming for us to understand"

The masterpiece said, "If someone cheated in the house then that person is Karanveer." He said, "All the villagers do discus about the nominations, I went to Karvanvir as a friend, and I would also try to discus about the nomination that I will try to keep this thing to me. If Karanveer feels that this was wrong then he should have stopped me on the same thing. But, he has deceived me by making an excuse for this thing. "

Tell me, at the time of alignment in Bigg Boss house, Salman surprised everyone after the name of Karanveer. Everyone said that this can not be. Karanveer also had himself recognized outside the house They had told most bye. But Salman came back and took the name of masterpiece and Roshmi as a contingent couple going out.

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