Delhi's 10 lakh homes will be surveyed, dangerous building

Delhi's 10 lakh homes will be surveyed, dangerous building

The Mayor of Southern Municipal Corporation has declared all 10 lakh buildings to be surveyed.

Seven people were killed after the collapse of a four-storey building in Sawan Park, which was part of the North Delhi Municipal Corporation, and after that the corporation has suspended several officials while investigating.

Now to avoid any such problem, the Southern Municipal Corporation of Delhi has ordered to conduct survey of all the 10 lakhs buildings coming in its area. Explain that after the accident, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation immediately ordered to check all the houses coming in their area again.

Mayor of one million homes will be surveyed: Mayor

Municipal Corporation's Mayor Narendra Chawla says that he has ordered them to surrender in more than one million homes coming to the south of Delhi. The Mayor said that this time a strict survey will be done in every home and a list of dangerous buildings will be made.

After this, the corporation will clear the buildings by giving notice to those living in these dangerous buildings and after some days these buildings will be demolished. The Mayor said that if any negligence was detected in this bad job, the authorities would be immediately suspended. Corporations will not tolerate any kind of negligence in this entire work.

One building out of 10 million was found dangerous

The report which was reported in the last survey in the South Delhi Municipal Corporation was very startling. People did not believe that after doing survey in 10 lakh houses, only one building was found dangerous to the South Delhi Municipal Corporation. However, when it was questioned by Azhtak, the Mayor of Southern Delhi Municipal Corporation's Mayor Narendra Chawla, it was clear that the survey was conducted only in the prescribed standards. If a building is not found to be dangerous in fixed standards, then the corporation has not named it in the list of dangerous buildings.

Complete list will be completed by September 15

In the coming days, the employees of the corporation can visit the homes of people living in Southern Delhi to conduct survey. The Mayor says that the complete list of dangerous buildings will be made in the next 10 days.

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