What is the feeling of grandmother being a queen? Prince Harry Every time I see her I will be nervous

Elizabeth II, Prince Harry
Elizabeth II, Prince Harry
Overseas Network September 15th As a core member of the British royal family, there is another Queen Grandma. It seems that it is not an easy task for Prince Harry. Recently, Prince Harry said in a documentary about the secret of the royal family that every time he saw his grandmother, Elizabeth II, he felt nervous.

The British "Daily Express" said that the British ITV television broadcast a forthcoming documentary called "Queen of the World", divided into two parts, telling the story of the Queen as the head of the Commonwealth. Prince Harry appeared on the show. He also revealed that although he was the grandson of the Queen, he still panicked whenever he met the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

In the program, Harry said to a group of people who came to Buckingham Palace to "experience the royal life", "Although you only stay in Buckingham Palace for two weeks, you are longer than I am staying here."

The 92-year-old Queen Elizabeth II has a total of eight grandchildren. In addition to the well-known Prince William and Prince Harry, there is 40-year-old Prince Peter Phillips, 37-year-old Princess Zara Phillips, 30 years old. Princess Beatrice, 28-year-old Princess Eugenie, 14-year-old Duke Louise Windsor and 10-year-old Viscount James Severn. Prince Harry was born in 1984. He was the sixth heir to the British royal family. He was also the second son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. When Harry was 12 years old, his mother, Diana, was killed in a car accident.

The British media had previously reported that the Queen had a lot of love for Prince Harry, who had lost her mother. She gave the infinite freedom that other members of the royal family could not enjoy. The Queen basically gave support to any request from Prince Harry. On May 19 this year, the 34-year-old Prince Harry married the 37-year-old American actress Megan Marker. The British royal family welcomed the first African-American prince. This century wedding not only broke many royal traditions, but also attracted worldwide attention. .

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