Friends Chandler bing update dynamics: hospitalization gradually recovered in March

Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry, who plays Chandler in the American drama "Friends", said on his personal social media platform that he spent three months in the hospital due to illness and is now recovering. Earlier, there was news that Matthew was treated in the hospital for stomach piercing, and his agent also sent a message thanking the fans for their support.

"Friends" is an American TV sitcom, created by David Klein and Marta Kraftman, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBron, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer co-starred. The story is centered on six old friends living in Manhattan, New York, describing the ten years of their journey. The whole series has 236 episodes in 10 seasons. "Friends" is one of the most popular TV series in history, ranking first in the 100 most popular American dramas selected by the American authoritative media "Hollywood Report" in 2015.

Matthew Perry plays Chandler in "Friends", a kind of hobby, and armed with a sense of humor to avoid revealing real feelings. Chandler’s girlfriend is always frustrated, often worried that he will be the oldest married man among the six. The news that fans heard Matthew Perry’s hospitalization was very worrying, but now Matthew Perry said that he is already recovering, and let the fans breathe a sigh of relief: “Let’s make money, hurry, friends, are the most impressed. It’s 'And I want a million dollars'.” There are also fans who wish: “Wait for a return!” (Intern Sugar Sugar Peach/Text)

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