careful! Number of people killed by heart failure

careful! Number of people killed by heart failure
heart failure
The total number of deaths due to cardiovascular disease (cardiovascular disease) (CVD) in the country was 15% in 1990, which has increased to 28% in 2016. Heart failure is the main cause of all these deaths in CVD, in which nearly 23 percent of patients die within one year of the diagnosis of this disease.

This information has been received from a recent study published in the Global Medical Journal 'Lancet'.

It was reported in the study that about four-fourths of cases of Ischemic (IHD) cardiovascular disease occur in India alone. Low supply of blood in the heart is a major symptom of this disease. Ischemic heart disease is the main cause of heart failure in Indian patients. Ischemic heart disease is most commonly found in Punjab, Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, followed by Himachal Pradesh and West Bengal.

Dr. Vivek Kumar, Senior Consultant (Interpersonal Cardiology), Max Super Specialty Hospital (New Delhi) said, "Awareness is very low among people, especially in heart diseases, especially in heart diseases in India. People lack basic understanding about heart failure. It is a growing disease, which weakens the heart muscles and affects its ability to pump blood throughout the body. It is often mistaken for heart attack, which is a sudden cardiac event.

He further said, most of the patients of heart failure are admitted to the hospital at the advanced stage of the disease, because they do not recognize symptoms and they are not aware of the benefits of treatment in the early stages. In our hospital, 30-40% of all patients with heart diseases are Heart failure, including young patients.

Experts have clarified that despite the name, heart failure does not mean that the heart is shutting down. This means that the weakened muscles of the heart are not pumping enough blood to meet the body's oxygen and nutritional needs.

Factors that increase the risk of heart failure include ischemic heart disease, coronary arterial disease (CAD), heart attack, high blood pressure, heart valves, cardio-myopathy, lung disease, diabetes, obesity, alcohol and drug Includes family history of intake and cardiovascular diseases.

Common symptoms indicating danger include swelling, ankles or feet or swelling in the abdomen, needing high pillars to breathe properly while sleeping, and during daily activities such tiredness is not understood due to .

President of Cardiological Society of India Dr. K. Sharat Chandra said that considering the rising burden of heart failure in India and the high mortality associated with it, it is necessary to consider the priority of public health. Often, people are aware of this disease when they are admitted to the hospital for the first time due to severe symptoms or damage to the heart muscles associated with it. Therefore, there is an urgent need to raise awareness of the symptoms of Heart Failure among the public.

Studies have found that between 1990 and 2013, heart failure cases have increased by 140 per cent in the country. Changes in lifestyle, stress, salt, sugar and fat consumption and rapid expansion in air pollution are increasing due to the scope of its closeness, even young people are getting hit by it. The average age of patients of heart failure in India is 59 years, which is less than 10 years as compared to the US and Europe patients.

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