High School Musical will shoot a beautiful drama, boys and girls continue to love + carols

High School Musical
High School Musical

 Disney announced that it will shoot High School Musical TV series, "High School Musical: The Musical" has begun casting.

The drama has a total of 10 episodes. It is a documentary style. It tells a group of students from Donggao who designed and rehearsed the musical "Song and Dance Youth" and found that there are as many horses in the drama as there are dramas. There will be a new song in each episode, plus a track from the original movie. The main character is:

· The wicked sweetheart boy Ricky, a third-grade student, girlfriend Nini suddenly broke up with him, let him make a brave decision: to catch Nini back, the way is to compete for her role in the heroine's school drama "High School Musical" Male lead.

· "Steel Butterfly" girl Nini, who met a new true love in the summer camp, chose to break up with her current boyfriend Ricky. Like music, love to watch music drafts. I like to sing the song of Ariana Grande. Character caught in the horse, very loyal to her two mothers.

· E.J, son of two big corporate lawyers. Nini's new boyfriend is ambitious and confident, but he is very anxious. Treating Steve Jobs's autobiography as a Bible, he was chosen as "the most likely person to report a classmate's cheating."

There are also gaudy and courageous girls Ashlyn, Ricky's vaguely dying party Big Red, a girl who wants to be the protagonist of the musical, Gina, the leader of the "High School Musical", Vikram, and the school's new drama teacher, Miss Jenn.

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