HOMECOMING released the official notice Julia Roberts starred in the heartbeat

Julia Roberts starred in the psychological drama of the new drama "HOMECOMING" released a formal notice, the frame changes have been very slippery, starting on November 2nd.
Sissy Spacek, Bobby Cannavale, Stephen James, Shawinigan, Zhou Hong, Jeremy Allen White, Sydney Tamiia Poitier . Amazon has booked directly for two seasons, and Sam Esmer ("The Hacking Legion") developed, directed, and wrote scripts with Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg.


Based on Gimlet Media's podcast program, he focused on a staff member working in a secret government agency, Heidi (Roberts), and a soldier who is eager to return to civilian life, Walter (James). Spiesek plays Heidi's mother, Ellen Bergman, who is straightforward, grumpy, and has a strong desire to protect her daughter.

Wen Han plays an intractable official, Thomas Carrasco, who investigates the Homecoming Transitional Support Center and insists on his sense of responsibility. Zhou Hong plays Audrey Temple, an assistant to the Geist Emergent Group. She is ambitious and has not been scared by the difficulties faced by the company. She wants to climb up. White guest starred as Shrier, who served in the same unit as Walter. Now he is a client of Homecoming. He has doubts about the project and questioned whether they told the truth. Portie plays Lydia, the wife of Colin (Cannaval), smart and savvy.

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