"Hunter Killer" Releases the Ultimate Trailer Gerard Butler Resurrection

Hunter Killer
Hunter Killer

Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman starred in the action film "Hunter Killer", the final announcement, North America released on October 26.


In the depths of the Arctic Ocean, American submarine captain Joe Glass (Butler) is searching for a troubled American submarine. Then he discovered a secret Russian coup that threatened to destroy the world order. The crew and the country are facing huge Threat, Grasse must assemble an elite SEAL to rescue the abducted Russian president and sneak into enemy waters to stop the Third World War.

Directed by Donovan Marsh ("Potato" and "Danger"), Arne Schmidt ("The Big Fish") and Jamie Moss ("The King of the Streets" Ghost in the Shell" write a script based on Don Keith And the novel "Firing Point" by George Wallace, Mikhail Gorvoy, Michael Enquist, Koman, Zane Holtz, Michael Truco, Rennes McPallin Waiting for the performance.