IFC wins "Red Joan" US copyright and Jamie Bell's new distribution rights


IFC Films won the US copyright of Judi Dench and Sophie Cookson, who starred in the new spy theme "Red Joan", and plans to release it next year. At the same time, the company also won the North American distribution rights of Jamie Bell, Frank Gehry, Margaret Curry, James Becky Dell starring the new film "Melee", which will be released next year, the film in Toronto The film festival received a good evaluation.

Danchi and Cookson are married to the old and young version of Joan Stanley, the longest-serving British spy who has worked for the KGB. Based on the novel of the same name by Jennie Rooney, the story took place in two decades. In 2000, in a beautiful village in the UK, the heroine Joan Stanley lived a happy retirement, hiding her identity as the most influential spy in the world. However, her calm life was broken one day by her door to arrest her MI5.

Flashback In the 1930s, she was a student at the Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge, and fell in love with Leo, a seductive man from Russia who was attractive. In the process of getting along with her boyfriend, Joan realizes that the world is on the edge of the blade and must save himself in the competition of military hegemony. After the war, she worked in a highly confidential nuclear research factory, facing multiple impossibility: would you betray your country and lover to save them? How much will you pay for peace?

Lindsay Shapiro fencing the script. The novel was based on a true story: Melita Norwood, at the age of 87, revealed that he was the longest British spy in KGB.

"Melee" is self-directed by Tim Sutton and described as a wild version of "Beat Club" X "True Romance", adapted from Frank Bill's 2013 black novel of the same name, telling a member of the former Marine Corps because of life constraints. Going to "Donnybrook", a very popular empty-handed boxing competition in a remote area, the winner will receive a $100,000 reward.

Bell plays Jarhead Earl, who plays for the family, and Grilo plays Chainsaw Angus, a brutal drug dealer with serious emotional problems.

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