Leica C-Lux Review: A superb camera with strong prices

Leica C-Lux Review: A superb camera with strong prices
Leica C-Lux Review: A superb camera with strong prices

Here we are reviewing Leica's new C-Lux compact camera. Read what this camera has something special.

The 107-year-old German company Leica has made an entry in India last year in November last year. The company launched its new compact camera Leica C-Lux in the month of August in India. We have used this camera and we are going to tell you this camera review here.

Before starting the review tell you the value of it, the company has kept it at Rs 85,000 in India. Which can be considered too much for a point and shoot compact camera.

Build quality and design:

In terms of design it can be called Pocket Size Camera directly. This camera is very light and handsy camera. Its body is of metal. Its back has a 3-inch touch based LCD panel. A ring button has been given to move upwards in different modes. The button is given to shoot and zoom right next to this. There is also a one-touch button for video recording as well. At the same time a ring button is present and can be controlled by many camera functions.

Leica C-Lux
Leica C-Lux
Apart from this, in the side-side back of the touchscreen, you will get a standard button which allows you to control various types of functions. Here is the Direct button for Flash Open. In addition, rubber grip has also been given to improve the camera grip in the Yang Back Wright. Apart from all this, the viewfinder is also present in this compact camera.

For charging, you can use Regular Android's Type-B charging cable. Which makes it Handy The same port can also be used for data transfer.


Leica C-Lux Review

Leica C-Lux Review

Leica C-Lux Review

First of all, if talked about being Point and Shoot Camera, it can cost more than 85 thousand rupees. But we can not compare it to any DSLR camera. Because during its review it has been found that it is capable of fast autofocus (49 metering points) and zoom (15x optical zoom) is also fast and photos are much better than this. It can also be made the first choice for wildlife and sports. In Leica DC Vario-Elmar 8.8-132 mm f / 3.3-6.4 ASPH The lens is present, which can be clicked at 10fps with 20 megapixel sensor.

Also, if someone does not want to do photography even in manual mode, then in Auto mode it can also trust it by turning the eye on. That is the essence of saying that it would be better to use it instead of a heavy camera. Especially for street photography this is great.

It can also be used in any event or camped place where you want to avoid carrying heavy camera. Also, keep in mind that it has 4K support photos (1K-20MP MOS sensor with 4K) and both for video. In such a situation, there will be no compromise in quality.

It has shutter mode, aperture mode, color mode and scene mode so you can get variety for photography. Its panorama mode also takes a great picture. If you are using it in manual mode, with the use of the viewfinder, you can adjust the shutter and aperture through the ring for better operation. The touchscreen in it also helps you adjust the focus. That is, you would prefer to call it Mirrorless more than a compact camera.

Talking about the performance of this camera in low-light photography, compact cameras usually lag behind in this case, but surprisingly, the camera is also here too. (f / 3.3-6.4, ISO-25600, shutter speed - 60 - 1/2000 s (with mechanical shutter), 1 - 1/16000 s (with electronic shutter). Using tripod for best results at night You do not have to shake the photos, even in different lighting conditions you will not feel any difference in the color of the photos.

Talking about the video, there is a support of 4K. Also, the settings of the video can also be controlled in different modes. You will also have the option of manual mode here. Although input for Mike is not present and price may be given some more features in the video. However, after all these features, talk about the connectivity feature in it, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are also available here. That means you can transfer photos to the smartphone with the help of app, and this camera supports both Android and ios.

It's a compact camera from Leica that is full of features. Excellent zoom, touch screen panel, compact size, great low-light photography response and 4K support are its specialty. However, the company has kept the price too heavy for these considerations. In such a situation, those who are considering this price of compact cameras are more likely to leave it.

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