Mission Impossible 6: Fallout Double-matched film fragment Iron fist Henry pressed Atango

Mission Impossible 6: Fallout
Mission Impossible 6: Fallout
Hollywood action-adventure agent system, the classic agent series new work "Mission Impossible 6: fallout " in the national fiery release, the finale exploded this summer. At present, the film has exceeded $950 million in the box office, refreshing the history of the box office opening of the imported film in August, and has become the highest in the domestic box office of the "Mission Impossible" series.

At the same time, the scores of major websites have also been red, the Douban score surpassed 96% of the action films to reach 8.3 points, the Taobao ticket and the cat's eye doubled 9 points, and Weibo gained 82% of the V recommendation. "Humans can currently shoot. The strongest action blockbuster is such a cow. Today, the film released a "double showdown" version of the feature film, showing the wonderful bridge between Henry and the base room in the film, the gunpowder between the two, the war is on the verge. More high-burning experience, just in the national theater, the weekend must choose a large piece of cool summer file!

A Tango is arguing that Henry is pressing hard.

In the dim basement, at the beginning of the snippet, Atango bluntly said, “This is a trap, we are being played!” and insists that it is not a “double-faced spy.” It is imperative to find the ring that is still missing... However, the former CIA Director, Alec Baldwin, was hard to persuade, and he warned that Togo must stop the cross-border behavior immediately because he could no longer protect him. The two men hold each other's words, and the contradiction is on the verge of exploding.

Why did Atango become a traitor named by the CIA from the "most powerful agent"? The plot is confusing and the crisis has escalated again. On the other hand, Henry Tiger, the "killer" in the mouth of the Secretary, is pressing hard. This "feel less" commissioner will wait for Ah Tang to reveal his flaws immediately, and he will immediately complete his mission and the two heroes will kill. Many netizens have commented on "the two strong matchups to the explosion!", "Two guys in the fight against the two screens, I have to smash the bike?", "The storyline of Tomog and Henry is very complicated and very nervous. Breathing!" It seems that in the fans, the strong airborne killer has a high popularity.

18 years into a big weapon, the most handsome villain in history

Born in 83 years, Henry loved performances. During his time, he was a frequent visitor to the Shakespeare Theatre. He also often starred in some movies and BBC English dramas, which accumulated rich performance experience and film resources. After a round of popular climax of the "Tudor Dynasty", in 2011, Henry ushered in an important turning point in his career - "Superman: The Body of Steel." As the third British man to play the role of the United States, Henry changed his accent and reduced the body fat rate to less than 3% of the terror.

Dedication and dedication, coupled with the value of the sky, let him receive the invitation call of "Christian Impossible 6" director Christopher. In an interview, Henry said, "I like this character with a great personality. Although I have been hurt a lot, it feels like I went to a film university." He and his brother took a shot to challenge the limits of humanity. Fans were disappointed and presented a fascinating "the most handsome villain in history."

In the end, the helicopter chased, and the bridge that was buried in the cliffs of the cliffs made countless audiences “screaming and screaming”. Many female viewers even commented that “Henry is too attractive, and for the first time, I don’t want to lose the faction.” Cool!" I believe that the British gentleman who will break through the sky with or without a beard will continue to bring more outstanding works to the fans.

"Mission Impossible 6: Fallout " was produced by Paramount Pictures of the United States, and Ali Pictures is the co-producer and chief marketing partner. · McAuli directed, Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Simon Peggy, Rebecca Ferguson, Wen Remes, Sean Harris, Angela Besett, Vanessa · Kirby, Michel Monahan, Alec Baldwin, Wes Bentley, Frederick Schmidt, etc., and 2D, 3D, IMAX3D, China Giant Screen 3D, Dolby The theater and Dolby panoramic sound system landed on the national theater. At present, the cumulative box office of the film has exceeded 950 million, the strongest action movie of human beings, the national theater waiting for you to fight!

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