Nana Patekar sent MNS activists to attack my car: Tanushree

Nana Patekar sent MNS activists to attack my car: Tanushree
Nana Patekar sent MNS activists to attack my car: Tanushree
Meanwhile, Tanushree Dutta has said that neither he has received any legal notice from the actor's lawyer nor has he been scared of threatening to send him a legal notice after Nana Patekar was charged with sexual harassment.

Tanushree said, 'I have a team of lawyers to protect my interests. Unlike Nana's lawyer's claim, I have not received any legal notice so far. That's why 'Bluffmaster' Gogo needs to take forward their game from here. '

In the beginning of this week, Tanushree came in front of the media and accused Patekar of harassing him on the set of 'horn okay please' in 2008.

In the interview given to IANS, he was again told about Nana's 'Dudavrabhar' on the set in Tanushree. He had said, "He (Nana Patekar) called the workers of MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) to damage my car. . He was behind his every incident and he was supported by Choreographer Ganesh Acharya.

After these allegations, Patekar's counsel had said that he would send a legal notice to him. He said that no one can stop him from speaking the truth and 'the threat of legal notice' could not deter him.

He said, "The present circumstances of this case show how when a victim speaks, morally corrupt lawyers come out in the defense of persecutors and criminals to earn a little name. Despite the witness being exposed and all the evidence is in my favor, I am being threatened by Nana's ally.

Tanushree said, 'This is the story of countless millions of people in our country who are still waiting for justice, because they are dragged into many legal scripts.'

Tanushree urged the Indian justice system to take Nana and her lawyer into custody and interrogate. In a statement, she said, "Both the lawyer and his client should be questioned. I urge the Bar Association of India to take action against them and take action against such people who help such people in the name of law. "