Peppermint : Jennifer Garner, it's not that Charles Bronson without the mustache

Jennifer Garner plays a very angry mom in Peppermint by French director Pierre Morel, presented out of competition at the Deauville Festival. It must be acknowledged that she has something to be upset: the drug traffickers who killed her daughter and her husband were released by a corrupt judge. What make him take the path of revenge.


"My film is not a story of revenge, but of justice! Protests the filmmaker who signs a thriller nervous action scenes filled with adrenaline. The young woman takes things (hammer, nails, guns and explosives) in hand to eliminate all kinds of very bad elements. "I wanted my film to have a heart," he claims that of a mother and a wife made crazy by the pain of death.

A real female character
"We really wrote the film for a female character," the director of Taken insists. The #MeToo movement has finally made this concept possible: to create a strong, credible woman when she takes on bad guys. The ex-heroine of the Alias ​​series was enthusiastic about embodying this heroine with a galvanizing fury. "Jennifer Garner, it's not that Charles Bronson without the mustache," sums up Pierre Morel.

Like a kid
As a playground, scenery as spectacular as a Ferris wheel or a piƱata factory. "I'm like a kid playing with an electric train when I set action scenes," says the filmmaker. I love to blow things up. Jennifer Garner is in tune with her destructive instincts. The least we can say is that she pays for herself by fighting like a tigress.

Dose the violence
Pierre Morel orchestrates at will shootings and other head to head between the vigilante and his preys. He takes care, however, not to exaggerate the violent effects. "I hate extreme gore," he insists. I prefer to play on some short shock images causing a visceral reaction because it seems more effective. The way her heroine treats a corrupt judge is a good example. The action-loving spectator lets himself be carried away by adrenaline and finds in this Peppermint the invigorating flavor of an assumed B series.

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