PM Modi says: Congress is misguiding the country by telling new lies every day

PM Modi says: Congress is misguiding the country by telling new lies every day
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On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the BJP workers of Bilaspur, Basti, Dhanbad, Chittorgarh and Mandsaur through Namo App. During this, PM Modi said that 'My booth is the strongest', it is not just the name of this program but the resolution of every single worker of Bharatiya Janata Party.

Congress is misguiding the country

During this, Prime Minister Modi said that the whole country knows the UPA government was corrupt and failed. In the last four years, Congress has played the role of an arrogant, insensitive and completely rejected opposition. Their agenda is only to mud on others. The work of Congress is to spread false news, repeat them repeatedly and mislead people.

Long list of Congress lies

PM Modi said that Congress can become a long list of lies. As soon as the country's poor, associated with the system of banks and banks, they started spreading lies that now your money is not safe in banks, your entire money will be drowned. With daily planning these people are misguiding people by lying. PM Modi said that Congress wants to shine their politics by creating an atmosphere of confusion in the country.

Congress is resorting to shamelessness

The Congress party is resorting to shamelessness to run its lies. The Congress never remembered Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, and today, when the country is respecting Sardar Saheb, this thing is not being digested by them.

BJP is working in the interest of the countrymen

PM Modi said that in the last four years, our government has focused on the development of every section of the society with the mantra of development along with everyone. Our government is taking big and tough decisions only by the people's faith. In Naxal-affected areas, violence has decreased by about 20 percent in the last four years.

The Prime Minister said that the effect of the policies and development of the government has been that about three and a half thousand Naxalites have surrendered between 2014 to 2017. Prime Minister Modi said that the Ayushman scheme will not only succeed but will create a new history in the public interest. We will be able to do every impossible job that will benefit our country and countrymen.

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