Salman taught Ayush Sharma to workout, ready for Big Boss

Salman taught Ayush Sharma to workout, ready for Big Boss
Big Boss
In the Sunday episode of Big Boss Season 12, Lead Actor Lead Actor Ayush Sharma will also be seen. Ayush will be seen on the sets of the show to promote his upcoming movie, Navratri.

Lead Actor of 'Luvaratri', Ayush Sharma, will be seen on the sets of Big Boss Season 12 on Sunday. Aishyesh will be in Big Boss House to promote his film. Before the show's episode started, Makers shared a teaser with AYUSH with Vertified Twitter handle of Video Colors TV. In the video, Salman is teaching workshops to AYUSH and he is giving tips on making body. Salman's video is being shared on social media.

At the beginning of the video, Salman is seen doing back workouts inside Jim. At the same time, AYUSH also goes there, after which Salman tells AYUSH that he should do back work because people do many bad things behind the back. After this, Salman gives tips to AYUSH, make a body, but do not wear the clothes made by Shivshish as well as the coins placed in the pocket are also visible.

Salman also explains to Ayush that make the body, make strong body. But not like some of our Big Boss Contestants who are trying to quiz repeatedly. Salman's workout tips Salman's Jeeja Ayush Sharma's work will come in handy with time. At the moment, fans are waiting for Sunday night's Big Boss episode. It is possible that in today's episode, the pair of Rumi-Nirmal will become homeless from the house.