Stop wasting the wasps, they are as useful as the bees

Stop wasting the wasps, they are as useful as the bees
Stop wasting the wasps, they are as useful as the bees

That the one who never crushed a wasp in a good conscience by saying "it will make a dirty animal less" raises the hand ... We hardly carry in our heart the Hymenoptera, these warriors with yellow and black coat that poison our picnics and invade terraces and stalls in the cities.

We are wrong: "Ignorance of the fundamental role played by wasps in the ecosystem and for our economy is one of the reasons why they are universally despised, unlike bees who enjoy an excellent image," explains biologist Seirian Sumner of the Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment at the University College of London, lead author of a study on insect perception just published in "Ecological Entomology".

"We must revisit our negative perception"

Wasps and bees, she tells us, are equally important for the pollination of flowers and crops, and wasps also play a key role in predation on insect vectors of diseases that are harmful to plants as well. than humans, this study highlights.

The study, conducted in forty countries, reveals an almost universal dislike for these insects, most often for lack of interest in nature and lack of knowledge of the services they render us. The scientists specialized in these insects do not escape this prejudice against the Hymenoptera: only 2% of the articles are devoted to them against 98% on the bees.

It is urgent to rehabilitate wasps, unfairly decried and whose unpopularity is due to our unfortunate encounters with a tiny fraction of representatives of this vast family: yellow and black wasps and bumblebees, while there are 75,000 species , mostly solitary and harmless.

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