Tanushree-Nana controversy: Bollywood silent, journalist's claim

Tanushree-Nana controversy: Bollywood silent, journalist's claim
Tanushree-Nana controversy: Bollywood silent, journalist's claim
Tanushree-Nana controversy: Bollywood silent, journalist's claim - telling the truth is the actress, on the set I was

There is a discussion throughout the country, including Bollywood, on the whole issue since Bollywood actor Nana Patekar has been accused of misbehaving and molestation during the shooting. However, there is silence in Bollywood. Meanwhile a journalist has said that what Tanushree is saying is the truth. The journalist claims that he was also present during the incident 10 years ago.

The name of the journalist is Janice Cecaria. He has told the story in several tweets.

He wrote, "The incidents that took place a decade ago are also fresh in your mind. There is a similar incident during the shooting of the film Horn OK please." Janice wrote, "I was there at that time, Nana Patekar, I was told that shooting has been stopped because of the actress.Thenushree was hard to handle, and I was able to see clearly that Tanushree was very upset with anything. "

Last plan changed on the spot?

Janice wrote that she was able to see clearly that Nana Patekar, choreographer Ganesh Acharya and a man (who later came to know that the producer of the film) was talking about someone standing there and about 50 dancers set Standing were waiting. The official information was that heroin is not cooperating. After a while the shooting was started.

Janis wrote in her tweet - "Tanushree started her work again and after some shots, Nana again joined her but Tanushree set off from the set as soon as Nana came, the shoot was stopped again, she herself He was locked in a vanity van, and he was refusing to come out. Seeing there, some of the muskets gathered and they started pushing the door. "

Tanushree's parents attacked?

After getting the information, it was found that the producers had called these people only. Meanwhile, the police came in. Jainism got an opportunity to talk to Nana among them, and Nana just said, "My daughter is like me." There was no point in this matter at that point. Janice said that meanwhile Tanushree's parents came there and her car was attacked. The wind shield of the car was broken.

Tanushree Datta was crying?

After some time, when Janis got an opportunity to meet Tanushree, he heard them crying and crying. According to Janice, Tanushree told him that after 3 days practice, choreographer Ganesh Acharya changed every step of the dance shoot. All this was done because the producers wanted Dana dance with Nana.

In this shoot, Tanushree has mentioned Nana's badtimaji.

What is the director of the movie?

Meanwhile, after the case of Tanushree's statement, Rakesh Sarang, director of the movie "Horn OK Please" said in a conversation with Mid-Day, "Tanushree is saying that Nathni Utaro was a solo dance song for which he had rehearsals So they would have heard this song even during the preparation. How do they not remember that there was a mail voice in the song, it was always a dewy song. "

The director said, "It seems Datta is getting misunderstood.If your boss wants to flirt with you then he will not do public work, he will call you in some cabin, there were around 400 people. Will try to do such a thing in front of 400 people. "