Flowserve deletes a scene of The Predator actor is a sex offender

Flowserve deletes a scene of "The Predator" actor is a sex offender
Flowserve deletes a scene of "The Predator" actor is a sex offender
 Flowserve deleted a scene in "The Predator" because it involved a registered sex offender Steven Wilder Striegel. This scene is the opponent of Striegel and the hostess Olivia Munn, who told the identity of Flowserve Striegel on August 15.

Striegel admitted two felony convictions in 2010 – risking harm to children and tempting minors through computers – and he was accused of trying to lure a 14-year-old woman into sexual relations through the Internet. Striegel served in prison for six months.

Flowserve issued a statement saying that he did not know his background when he hired Striegel, because legal restrictions prevented the company from conducting a background check on the actors, but after the company learned the details, it would involve Striegel in a scene within 24 hours. deleted.

Striegel and director Shane Black are friends for many years, and have participated in Black's "Iron Man 3" and "Tear Torn Detective". Striegel told The Los Angeles Times that he did not need to participate in the audition when he participated in "The Predator". His role was named after him and Black's mutual friends, and it seemed to suit him.

Black chose to defend Striegel's participation, saying that he personally decided to help his friends. He could understand that others might not agree. "Because his conviction is sensitive, he can't take it lightly."

Black then apologized that he had misled his conviction by a friend he wanted to believe. He firmly believed that he would give someone a second chance – but sometimes he found that the opportunity was not as secure as you hoped. "I was deeply disappointed with the affidavit, transcripts and other details about Striegel. I apologize to all of them, whether it is past or present, I am disappointed because I let Steven be by their side. But did not tell them my decision."

Moon told the Los Angeles Times that she found that Black did not disclose Striegel's information to actors, staff or Foss before, during or after the filming, which was "surprising and disturbing." She said that Foss took the appropriate action after learning the news and removed Striegel's shot before the film was released, which made her feel gratified.

Striegel issued a statement saying that he had known Black for 14 years. "I think it's worth noting that he knows the truth. Shane can speak for himself, but I'm pretty sure that if he thinks I am a threat to him, he won't Do this."

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