Then Kangana Ranaut's 'Manikarnika' surrounded by controversies, after Sonu Sood, now an actress has left the movie

Then Kangana Ranaut's 'Manikarnika' surrounded by controversies, after Sonu Sood, now an actress has left the movie
The release of Kangana Ranaut's film 'Manikarnika' has once again sparked controversy. Actor Sonu Sood, who played second lead role in the film, had already left the film in the middle. Actress Swati Seamwal is now out of the film. Swati says, "I have left the film, I was not sure before. There were two things in my mind but a few days ago I had a meeting with my team and I decided to leave the film because I feel that this is my career.

It will not be right to play this role on the halt. " At the same time, after going out of Sonu, Swati was confused about whether his character would be more important in the film after being away from actor Sonu's film. In Swati, Sonu was playing the role of Parvati, wife of Maratha army commander Sadashivrao Bhau. Now the character of Sadashivaram Bhausa is playing Jeeshan Ayub, though it is not yet revealed who will be Swati. Sonu had spoken - Kangana played a continuous Woman card ...

- Kangana had given the statement that Sonu does not have time and she does not want to work under the women's director. As Kangana says, "We have not met people for a long time. Sonu is busy shooting for 'Simba'. "

"Sonu is not giving us the time to make the combination with other actors. The whole team trusts me, but Sonu does not trust me." In response, Sonu had said, "Kangana constantly woman The cards are playing. "

Sonu says, "The reason for leaving my film is not because of the director's genders, Kangana is my good friend and will continue to be, but she is constantly playing a Woman card. If I was biased by the gender, then 'Happy New Year' Farah Khan is working with Farhan Khan and I have a very good professional equation and we are still good friends. "

- Please tell, Sonu had almost finished shooting the film. In such a situation, it will take time to shoot again. The unexpected release of the film was January 26, 2019, but now it may be slightly delayed.

Sonu was also angry with Kangana's arbitrariness
Sonu was angry that Kangana was arguing after taking the command of writing. Everyone was cutting or cutting the roll. Not only this, the last moment was asking to adjust the dates, while Sonu Sood had given his dates to 'Simba'. In Simba, Sonu's look was with beards and she had to shave clean for her look for 'Manikarnika'.

- Please tell, Kangana Ranaut was shown the film's director instead of Krish in the clapboard of the film. But filmmakers have made it clear that since Krish is engaged in finishing other things, Kangana will only direct the patch work of the film. Yes, it is definitely that the credits of the film's direction will be given equal to both.