This Scientist has left America's job, doing farming in his village

This Scientist has left America's job, doing farming in his village
Dr. Harinath
Today we are talking about a man who was a Scientist in the DRDO and left a very good job in America and returned to his village and started cultivating farming. Let's know about this man ...

The name of this man is Dr. Harinath. He moved to the US in 2005 and worked in the International Medicine Company to prepare many medicines for heart related diseases. Then worked as a drug research. Explain, Hari has worked for 12 years in Defense Defense and Development Organization (DRDO) in India.

While working at the DRDO, he met former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. Kalam's simple-minded personality had a profound effect on him. After which he walked on the path to becoming a good man. Let's say that after working in the DRDO, he went to the US in 2005.

He worked in the International Medicines Company to prepare many medicines for heart related diseases. Tell me, while doing Harinath as a drug surgeon at the South Carolina Medical University, he realized that his research is not going to work for those people who really need it. In such a situation, the company is not benefiting from this. Only the company is benefiting. It was just a moment ... when Harinath thought that we would not work on this post. Let me tell you that they got very good salaries. But for the good of the people and their health they decided to do something special and left their job.

Today Harinath is cultivating organic farm in Pennagram village in Tamil Nadu. In the fields, they seem like a common farmer. Gumma, white vest, and clay hands on the head. All of them are feeling good enough, they are promoting traditional medicine through organic farming.

When mother died

When Dr. Harinath was ill, his doctor advised him to eat pancakeer, after which he got ulcer. On the other hand, Harinath started to understand his entire research as he was unable to help his ill mother. He is very sad that despite being associated with medicines, he is unable to cure his ill mother. He returned to his village for some time to treat mother. After which he understood that it is necessary to take the help of Nature.

After that, he went to London for research on organic farming in London for nearly two years. Then the village returned and started growing a Traditional Medical Plant. Along with this, organic farming also started. They discovered many varieties of rice and their cultivation. Besides, they are cultivating pulses, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Today he is promoting organic farming.

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