Trump puts economic accent in celebration of Hispanic Heritage

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
WASHINGTON - As President of the Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates its second year in a row, President Donald Trump highlighted the contributions of Hispanics to the economy and defense of the country, with a message focused on the economy and entrepreneurship and devoid of their well-known "hard-line" rhetoric against undocumented immigrants.

During a brief ceremony in the East Room of the White House, which was accessed by a select number of media, including this newspaper, Trump called Hispanics "incredible people" who "inspire our entire nation."

"The United States is winning again, and businesses in the hands of Hispanics are leading the way," said Trump, who acknowledged the diversity of the Hispanic community but emphasized that all are united under a single flag and a single anthem.

To clinch his message of success among Latinos, Trump called on stage two Hispanic entrepreneurs, Joel Garza, from Houston (Texas) and owner of dozens of "Sonic Burger" franchises, and Irina Vilariño, a businesswoman from Miami Beach (Florida). ), who gave testimony of their piece of the "American Dream".

Vilariño, the daughter of a former political prisoner in Cuba, said her restaurant chain, "Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine," began with an establishment in Hollywood, Florida, and now employs more than 400 employees in 15 locations in the south of the state.

Trump's statements surprised by the discipline of the message and because, contrary to when he is in political meetings with his base, he made no mention of his well-known rhetoric against undocumented immigrants, who are part of the growing Hispanic community in the country.

Trump highlighted the achievements of his economic policy and that, under his government, both the level of poverty and the unemployment rate of Hispanics are at their lowest point in recent history, while the average income among Latinos rose by 3. , 7% and exceeded $ 50,000 "for the first time in history", among other milestones.

"These numbers are very difficult to overcome. It's better that we win Hispanics next time, "Trump said, alluding to his re-election efforts in 2020.

The audience, composed mostly of conservative Hispanic leaders, received Trump with cheers and a chorus of "four more years! Four more years! "

Daniel Cortez, a war veteran who sang the national anthem, shouted: "We are blessed because you are our president!", While an unidentified woman said in Spanish "Viva Trump!"

Among the guests were high-ranking officials from his Administration, including Labor Secretary Alex Acosta and US treasurer Jovita Carranza, as well as New Mexico Republican Governor Susana Martínez and Vice-Governor of Puerto Rico. Luis G. Rivera Marín.

Trump again defended the response of his government to help in the recovery efforts in the hurricane "Maria" in Puerto Rico almost a year ago, which he described as "devastating."

However, the president completely ignored any mention of the controversy surrounding the number of fatalities on the island.

He also affirmed that his government will not abandon those now affected by hurricane "Florence" on the east coast of the country.

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