VIDEO. Turning "A Star is Born" has plunged Bradley Cooper into the past

A Star is Born
A Star is Born
In the film A Star is Born, Bradley Cooper plays the character of Jackson Maine, a rocker beset by addictions to alcohol and drugs who falls in love with his protected, a musician played by Lady Gaga. And this film takes on an entirely different dimension when you know that the actor, who also made his directorial debut on this occasion, suffered from the same addictions more than a decade ago.

"Whenever you try to tell the truth, you need to use places and things that have happened to you, that you have read or experienced," Bradley Cooper told Variety.

That's where the truth lies

He continues: "And it's all the beauty of turning something you've gone through to make a story. I find it very cathartic. I remember learning that in college. Our teacher said that all our insecurities, all dark things must be used and that is where the truth rests. Although he has been sober for more than ten years, the actor has not forgotten the hard fight he has fought against his addictions.


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