5 million facebook users data stealing, check your account

5 million facebook users data stealing, check your account
5 million facebook users data stealing, check your account
One more big data has been breached after the Facebook data scandal. The target is again Facebook and this time Hackers has also influenced 5 million users by targeting the flaws of Facebook.

The largest data in the history of Facebook has been breeched. Hackers have affected around 50 million Facebook accounts. Competitors of the company have hacked into the social network code. According to Facebook, patch has been issued to fix the flaws that hackers have done. The question of users is that the accounts which have been affected, are they being misused? However, Facebook has made it clear that password and payment systems are not affected by this hacking.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement, "Our initial investigation has not shown so far so that the hackers have access to someone's private message or post while using tokens to know."

Hacking via tokens

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Significantly, hackers have been affected by Facebook accounts through access tokens.

Through access token, users can stay online for a long time on Facebook and they do not have to enter a password again.

Facebook has said that the company has reset 50 million tokens and another 40 million tokens have also been investigated. Facebook is under investigation and more turnkey points can come.

Is your account affected by this hacking
Those hacking users who are affected by this hacking have themselves logged out. If this happened to you, then log in to it again with your password. At the top of the news feed, Facebook will provide an important security update banner. Here you will find information about data breach. Even if you are not out of 90 million, then Facebook asks you to log out of the account as a preconception. By doing this, all the tokens will be reset.

You can do this not only from mobile but also from desktop.

Change the password. Although Facebook says that hackers have hacked access token, password is safe. But Cyber ​​Security Experts believe that you should change your password. Turn on Two Factor Authentication.

Check app login and remove non-essential apps

Facebook is removing affected apps by itself, but you should check with yourself that you can trust them by the apps you have logged in with Facebook that means they have given access to your Facebook. If not, then delete those apps from these app logins. Because those apps use such tokens without entering a password without having to log in to Facebook for long periods of time.