58 pilots of Air India caught in drunken 8 years

58 pilots of Air India caught in drunken 8 years

Most cases of drunken driving in the pilots were reported in 2016 and the lowest reported in 2010. 18-18 pilots caught on drugs in Mumbai and Delhi airports So far 10 pilots have been caught drunk in 2018.

Air India's 58 pilots were found drunk in the past 8 years at different airports in the country. None of these scared data has been disclosed by Air India in response to an RTI. This was filed by RTI INDIA TODAY.

A clear procedure is decided by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), under which the members of the crew accompanying the aircraft are inspected by the medical inspection, even if they have not consumed alcoholic beverages.

According to this procedure, crew members are prohibited from taking any kind of alcoholic beverage for 12 hours prior to the flight.

The airline took several prohibitive steps according to the rules but they have no special effect. Such incidents have increased year after year. In 2010, only one pilot was caught drunk before the flight at the Mumbai airport. At the end of 2018, three months are still to be finished and so far 10 pilots have been caught in drunkenness.

So far, the worst year for such cases is 2016. In 2016, 16 pilots were caught in drunkenness. As far as airports are concerned, most drunk pilots have been caught on Delhi and Mumbai airports. 18-18 pilots were caught drunk on both airports in the last 8 years. At the same time, 8 pilots in Chennai and 6 pilots in Bangalore were found to be drunk.

Asked on behalf of INDIA TODAY, what action was taken against the pilots who got intoxicated, Air India replied, "Whatever the above mentioned pilots were able to report drunk on duty, they have been given the process of DGCA Was punished under ".

DGCA has fixed the penalty for such guilty pilots violating the rules. When a crew member is found to be positive in the Breath Analyzer test or fails in the first test, then his license is suspended for three months. If someone else violates, then the license is suspended for three years. For the third time the license is canceled forever on the violation.

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