9-year-old girl raped in Delhi

9-year-old girl raped in Delhi

A case of rape has emerged from a 9-year-old girl in the Nature Nagar area of ​​Delhi. The allegation is based on neighbors.

In Delhi, the cases of rapes with innocent girls are not taking the name of a stay. The latest case is in the police station of Nagar area of ​​North Western Delhi. Here, a child studying in the third grade of 9 years went home from private school and went to change clothes in his room, then a boy from the neighborhood did the rape incident.

The family told that neighboring boys had to go to that house. Taking advantage of this, he already hid in that room, in which the girl used to wear clothes every day. This room is on top floor. At the time of the incident, the girl's family was in the room below. As soon as the child's family reached the top, the child was found crying. The girl said that the neighbor's brother has done the wrong thing with her.

It was told from the family that despite the attempt to catch the accused, the accused managed to escape from the spot. When the women of the house saw the child, she was bleeding heavily.
After this the police were informed of the incident. However, the relatives of the police are unhappy with the attitude of the police because from the afternoon till the police could not catch the accused. The accused is the only living boy, but his age is around 17 to 18 years. The girl was taken to Babu Jagjivan Ram Hospital, Jehangirpuri for medical treatment.