A warning has been issued for the storm in the next 72 hours

A warning has been issued for the storm in the next 72 hours.
A warning has been issued for the storm in the next 72 hours.
A warning has been issued for the cyclonic storm in the Bay of Bengal in the next 72 hours. All the fishermen in the coastal area have been told that they do not go fishing in the sea. This cyclone can be quite dangerous for Odisha. In the next 24 hours it will be decided that it will hit the coastal areas.

According to the Director General of the Meteorological Department Dr M. Mahapatra, this weather system will become more powerful in the next 24 hours. With this, it will turn into a cyclonic storm. As soon as it becomes a cyclonic storm, its name will be 'Butterfly'. After the cyclonic storm, the Weather system will also hit Bangladesh along the coastal region of the Bay of Bengal, Odisha, West Bengal, and North Eastern states.

When this cyclone is formed, then the speed of the wind blowing inside it will be 80 to 85 kilometers per hour. The weather scientist says that according to the latest estimates, it seems that this severe cyclonic storm will hit the coastal areas of Orissa. It is not possible to make accurate estimations about it right now.

Rain may occur in UP-Bihar

If cyclone can hit Gopalpur coastline in Odisha, then there is a possibility that a cyclone may be returned after colliding with coastal areas. The most wasted from this cyclone is likely to be in Odisha. With the effect of cyclone, there may be rains in UP, Bihar too. With the effect of cyclone, clear haze in the sky of UP and Bihar will become clear and the sky will be visible.

Both cyclones have equal strength

It is happening for the first time since 2010 that alerts have been issued together on the eastern and western seaside. The effect of the 'Luban' Cyclone in the Arabian Sea is on the rise and it is moving towards Oman, right now, the cyclone warning has also been received in the Bay of Bengal. Both cyclones are of equal strength. In this way fishermen living on the coast of the entire country are sitting in houses.

Fishermen advise not to go to sea

The Meteorological Department says that for the next 72 hours, the states of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and North East will be affected. It is estimated that heavy rain is due to this weather system. Due to this, the fishermen of these areas are advised not to go to sea for the next 72 hours.

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