Amritsar: 20 days ago the staff was stopped for the train, the common people trampled

copyrightAmritsar: 20 days ago the staff was stopped for the train, the common people trampled
Amritsar: 20 days ago the staff was stopped for the train, the common people trampled
Amritsar train
On Friday evening, the effigy of Ravana was being burned near railway tracks in the adjoining gate area of ​​the widened market. At the same time, the train going to Amritsar from Jalandhar came at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour and left the people cutting off. It takes only 10 to 15 seconds for the train to pass through.

Amritsar's rail accident has caused many families to suffer. The 60 people who had gone to see Ravana combustion in the grip of the train got stuck. There is a debate on who is responsible for this accident. Local administration claims that the permission of the program is not taken, while the railway is also blown away. But the statements of the eyewitnesses are raising many questions.

An eyewitness Happy told Aaj Tak that the government employees were working 20 days before the track, during which time the speed was reduced when the train passed through it. According to Happy, during that time the train progressed gradually and there was no accident.

Happy, raising questions on the driver, said that the driver had seen his government employee, but five thousand people present during the Ravana combustion did not appear to him.

Explain that the Railways is giving a clean chit to the driver in this whole case. DRM told in a conversation with Aaj Tak that driver had reduced the speed. According to them, the train was running at a speed of 91 kilometers per hour, but later it was reduced and the speed reached 68 kilometers per hour, but the train was not stopped and it was an accident.

Therefore not stop the train

The DRM said that after the accident, the speed of the train was 10 km per hour. After this the guard told the driver that people are pelting stones and you do not stop. After this, the driver stopped the train after seeing the safety of the passengers and said that it was also said that there was enough smoke, so they did not show anything.


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