Apple and Samsung slow down mobile software update, $ 5.7 million fine

Apple and Samsung slow down mobile software update, $ 5.7 million fine
Apple and Samsung
In Italy, after the software upgradation there is a complaint of slow down of old mobile phones. That's why a huge penalty has been imposed on mobile handset companies Apple and Samsung.

Due to software update in Italy mobile handset manufacturer companies have become very expensive due to complaints of slowdown of old mobile phones. In fact after the complaint against Apple and Samsung Italian's Regulatory Body Anti Trust Watchdog has fined $ 5.7 million (separate) on both the companies.

Regulatory Body said on Wednesday that due to complaints of slowing down their mobile phone during software updating Apple and Samsung imposed a penalty of 5 million euros ($ 5.7 million) on Samsung.

Complaint was found that customers are failing to provide information about the handset's battery maintenance and how it can be changed when needed. This has resulted in a penalty of more than 5 million euros for Apple.

A group of Italian customers complained that the software update of the mobile phone slows down the device's performance. The company has alleged that they design such mobile phones so that customers are forced to buy new handsets.

Anti-Trust Body said in a statement that some firmware updates of Apple and Samsung cause 'serious malfunction and a huge reduction in performance rather than faster' processing.

He further said that both the companies did not give enough information about the effect of new software or any kind of original functionality of the product to the customers.

Apple had last year's information that due to the iPhone software, slo-down and battery related problems are coming in some phones. But intentionally did not work on it with the intention of reducing the product's life.

However the company apologized for its mistake and reduced the cost of battery replacement. At the same time, Samsung has never come under the scanner for software update of his phone.

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