Big Boss : Soni to boycott to avoid the nomination? Sreesanth demands

Soni to boycott to avoid the nomination? Sreesanth demands
Big Boss
Sumeet Khan, who heard Sreesanth's demand in the nomination task of Big Boss-12 Pathan Sinter, who will survive the nomination?

The nomination task of the third week of Bigg Boss has become interesting. The joys of keeping yourself safe between singles and couples have increased. Under this nomination task this week, singles have to make sacrifices for couples. If the pair completes the demand, they will be safe and single member nominate.

According to Task, Sreesanth has kidnapped Saba Khan. To leave them, Sreesanth has demanded sacrifices from Sumeem Khan. In the promos released, Sreesanth demands that Somi should trim her hair, make them boycott and color. Along with this, both of the clothes will be crushed.

Hearing this demand of Sreesanth, Somi becomes emotional. She says that I do not want boycott, I can make hair short till shoulder. After this, they call Sreesanth and ask if I can keep some of my clothes. Somi refuses to trim hair. Now whether Somi will fulfill this demand for his sister's release from captivity, it will be revealed in the Monday episode.

What is the nomination task

Under the nomination process a member of the couple will be held captive at the Kidnapar base. Which a single member will kidnap. Kidnapar, using a single content phone, will ask the prisoner for a member of the captive member. If Kidnapper's demand is met in 1 hour then the single nominee will be done. If the couple fails to meet Kidnapper's demand then the single will be safe.

Under the Task, Deepika Kakkad Bhajan captures Anup Jalota. They demand to make up their make-up and clothing from their partner Jasleen. Along with that, the hair shoulder should be asked for length. But Jasleen refuses to wear clothes and make-up. This behavior of Jasleen appears to be harmful. This means that Jasleen-Anup's pair will be nominated.

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